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Apr. 15th, 2008

Happy Birthday darling!

Bring that plauge! What is plauge anyway?

In my inbox today:

(will travel)

Trash X

I currently play Magic the Gathering and i am always looking to pick up cards...

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Mar 24 (1 day ago)
bringer_of_the_plauge to LansingMI_Free.

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I currently play Magic the Gathering and i am always looking to pick up
cards. If you have some in a closet from a child that played or if, in the
past, you played yourself I would love to pick them up. Any cards in any

Can't_Get_Fucked Oooops! I mean Meaningless_Hobbies, I mean bringer_of_the_plauge

Hippie Musings

With all the thinking and planning going into (hopefully) starting a new business next year, I've been really considering the use and reuse of objects, food, etc. It feels right to incorporate my art and my homelife and my business along the same ideas.

Don't be making any comments about Grateful Dead bootlegs, I still listen to industrial music.

Anyways, I really like the way I choose to spend just a little extra time doing things that make a big impact on the kind of life I live and the way in which I impact the Earth. I like taking more of a much more involved approach to living on the Earth. The thing is, all this stuff is freakin' easy.

-worm composting - all kitchen scraps, and then using the castings as plant fertilizer
-big compost bins outside for all yard wastes, and kitchen scrap overflow in summer
-growing organic vegetables
-ducks! the ducks will eat bugs in the garden, and their wastes (mixed with straw) composted
-fuck plastic. bringing my own bags to the store is easy
-on that vein, choosing where to shop and buying things with as little packaging as possible is critically important.


Best Easter Ever!

-Brunch at Claddagh
-Feeding ducklings spinach for the first time.

-Tour of abandoned brick factory

-Trout with risotto and mushroom ragout for dinner

I had a meeting in Grand Rapids this morning and due to the snow/accidents/traffic fuckery, it took me FOUR HOURS to drive home. FOWH HOWAH. And, being the crazy dog mama that I am, the first thing I did was not to draw a bath and open a beer, but to play with my girl outside and make a little video.

-Salvage warehouse next Sunday (thanks, Easter). Excited to learn about salvage/deconstruction rights.

-Thinking about writing letters about the business to the city of Lansing, particularly the recycling division, describing what we'd like to do and seeing if we can get any grant money, deal on rent in an old building, etc.

Blue Bottles Needed


If anyone has any cobalt blue wine or water (glass) bottles that they don't want - or know of a source to get them for free - pls. let me know! I need...hundreds, really.


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